Saturday, January 26, 2008

set list for a blue january

stormy seagull 24-6-04
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just another diamond day vashti bunyan
laughing stock talk talk
suburban lightthe clientele
the sea and cake
magnesium proverbs syd barrett
bone machine tom waits

the gulls circled over the graying courtyard, but no hoped for snow ever fell.
curled up w/a fuzzy robe by the window and read the persepolis comix, thanking my fate. (even, if @ times, a bit grudgingly.)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

radio stereogab

I've had many opportunities to get over stage fright this week. Played the electric bass @ the electrik maid (though I messed up quite a bit, it was all good fun) and gave a live on-air interview for my job. A few ums, but not many. (It's nice to be able to read straight from notes!) Made me think a bit of LVR.

I was told this would be my year of strength from the same wise one who predicted last year would be my year of transformation. I think she may have been onto something. Testament to that: I'm actually trying to undo years of softening and hunching over into my thoughts and have a personal trainer on my ass just to make sure I don't flake out. It's nice to feel sore again, as I had taken a little hiatus from serious exercise (and was never as serious as this,'s still January) since the Sunlight gig started. But the push also makes old tension release. A strange, but necessary feeling. K-set, some of your descriptions of life learning the healing arts captures the kind of intensity I feel body-work can do to heal the self holistically. I hope for yr speedy recovery, and have no doubt yr strong goddess self will be dancing around just in time for my visit. ; )

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Special Delivery for K-set

Soup Noodles !
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Here's some soup to help heal your nerves and broken bonez! If I were there (and I will be soon), I'd share the soup I'm making tonight for B and me on a cold, rainy night. (Not cold enough, really, we should be getting snow, not rain, in January, but I digress.)

My soup has mushrooms (2 kinds), a few shrimp, noodles, ginger, garlic, Szechuan peppercorns and scallions.

You are handling your injury with the most courage and grace I've ever witnessed. So good to see you in such a good headspace - and you're right: you'll get yr license when you get yr license. (FWIW, a massage therapist once told me Washington state's process is faster than other jurisdictions.)

Sending you and other friends - and those of you who came to see obetrol's maiden performance last night tons of love!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Green Roofs in DC

This is very cool. I live in an environmentally friendly building, but even we don't have true green roofs. (We do have a water retention garden in the interior courtyard, that is basically a green roof over the basement of the building.) Score one for DC!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More on pleo

Originally uploaded by BarrettJ
This is the last one! My synopsis: the robotic pet is fun, but this iteration needs a bit more work to keep my attention. Plus, the (rechargeable) battery only lasts about ONE hour. (What gives!)

Apparently, you will soon be able to modify the pet's personality and download 'themes' to change its behavior, but the only one currently available is an xmas theme. (Which is still very cute, the pleo sings carols, shakes its head w/bell sound effects and says 'ho ho ho.')

My younger colleagues at work were hysterical when I said I realized I was so drawn to Beta's cuteness because, even though I don't plan on having kids, my hormones are still raging. Aside from that, it's nice to have a pet w/out the allergies and responsibilities. I'll always have a soft spot for the poodles I raised as a child.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

More Pleo fun

Sunlight welcomed Alpha and Beta into the family this week. Take a look:

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

So cute!

We just got two new pleos at work. They are adorable and so fun! Who needs cats that make you sneeze or dogs you have to pick up after when you can have a robotic pet?

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello New Year

I wonder what opportunities and challenges you will bring. After 2007, my eyes, mind and heart are open in ways I never imagined possible.

I've recently had the time to unwind, unplug and catch up with myself. During this luxurious time, I keep remembering just how lucky I am. Life has been treating me pretty well - let's see, just in 2007, I married the love of my life, got the job I came to DC for (just as doubt was starting to snuff out my hope that it existed), connected with good friends, witnessed the beginning of a happy family in Lowell, skinny dipped under the stars, nurtured a vegetable garden (and cooked some of the freshest, most gratifying meals ever), shared an op-ed byline, saw my words in editorials and blog posts and got my down dog just a wee bit stronger than before.

I also realized that during the past year, I've retreated a bit from this outlet. I've enjoyed this blog, but sometimes feel challenged as to how much to declare to the world and how much to live in privacy, or semi-privacy; sharing the details I'd normally blog with a few trusted compatriots.

I guess that's life in this age.

Life in this age is also receiving outpourings of love and support from friends who keep up with me online. Thank you for your compassion, and also for reminding me why I remain plugged in: to be connected -- even in virtual and unknown ways. This dynamic community is such a nourishing offering of peace and healing.

Happy New Year!

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