Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In my bowl: frijolitos

Frijoles de todos colores
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I'm taking a little lunch break, and am enjoying my homemade soup so much, I need to blog about it. What is it about beans that tastes so good, especially if you let the stew sit and the flavors deepen?

Frijoles negros (or black beans) have been my quintessential soul food since I can remember. There's tales of me as a crying baby in a Cuban Chinese joint in Manhattan screaming my head off, because (according to the Cuban Chinese waiters) I was jealous of all the delicious smelling black bean soup my family was enjoying -- without me! I was only appeased after the rich stew was strained and fed to me. (I still find a little hard to believe little baby me could process bean soup, but so goes the lore.)

Today, I enjoyed the last bit of a soup that started with a late night, drunken decision that my bag of organic black beans HAD to be soaked for soup the next day. Luckily, it's easy to simmer beans with a hang over. ; ) God damn, even I have to admit these beans is tasty, maybe even as tasty (or tastier?) as the ones my mother would cook. (And if I was feeling blue, she would often surprise me with a bowl of frijol love.)

Mine, however, have no unctuous consistency that only comes from stewing the beans with a ham hock or other porky piece. But, even though I always thought vegetarian versions could never compare, I do believe I hit upon the right combination of seasoning and simmering in this batch. The trick is the guiso - the sauteed seasonings that you add to the beans once they have softened. Mine include plenty of onions, homegrown chili peppers, garlic...and I always add copious cilantro as a finishing touch.

The soup is still doing its trick. I can feel my blues vanishing.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


nyt slideshow was worth it

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Church of Andy Warhol

Following my obsession with the Church of Andy, and his factory apostles, found out via WFMU (they had a contest to win tix to see Chelsea Girls, why is this only in NYC?) that there is a film retrospective of Andy's films at the Museum of the Moving Image. NYT has more. (Reminder to self: watch slideshow and follow links.)

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Code Pink ladies have cojones

I've seen these ladies at every anti-war protest I've participated in.

Read more about it from the Washington Post

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hurray for rain!

So glad to see we're finally getting some much needed rain in DC. It has been a sad time for gardening. B and I dug up most of the remains of our garden last Sunday, which we pretty much abandoned (I know! bad parent!) because we couldn't keep up with watering requirements. (Plus, I feel a little weird watering my hobby garden when my community is experiencing a serious drought.)

Strangely enough, the garden wasn't in as bad shape as I had anticipated. Even though it looked rather sad from the window of the metro during my morning commute, it was buzzing with life last weekend. I expected to see everything shriveled, but lucked out - even the basil was still thriving and green. Tomatoes were still popping off tall plants, and garlic was prematurely sprouting. We tilled and pulled plants with enormous root systems, and came home to make pesto to last throughout the winter. (Yay for pesto ice cubes!)

I had been feeling wistful that the sunny growing season was drawing to its end. But, autumn and winter have lots of fun in store.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Whack a Murdoch!

Free Press just launched "Whack-a-Murdoch" as a fun activism tool just as the FCC is weighing a decision to unleash further consolidation of big media companies. It's also timed to Murdoch's release of the Fox Business Network.

In 2003, more than 2 million people wrote letters to the FCC and Congress when Michael Powell's FCC tried to sneak through rule changes that would have handed more local media to large conglomerates. Congress heard so much from their constituents that they reversed Powell's move.

Free Press expects current FCC Chair Kevin Martin to also favor more consolidation, and hope to spark a similar public outcry.

Take the game for a spin!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Choose a Halloween Costume for Couples

Hee hee. The fun with my flickr pix continues! Do I tell them that we didn't coordinate our costumes?

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