Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Demand the Aliens!

Hear ye all music fans. You thought the 3 eps were cool before High Fidelity told you so, you hoped the lone pigeon would get it together and rejoin his flock (though you totally dug his Syd-like mental meanderings on concubine rice) and you jumped up and down with glee when the alien ship landed.

Now is the time to make your voice heard for something really important. Sure, I might twitter about new ways to keep an eye on the US government, but I'm now asking your support for something truly dear to me: help me bring the Aliens to DC.

Don't let them skip the capital of taxation w/out representation to play bawlmer or just philly. Bah, we can show them we're a great audience.

Demand it!

It would make me so happy happy happy happy happy...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

That gold burns slow

Happy Summer!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm yr biggest fan

Can't believe it, but I actually uttered those words to Archer Prewitt last night @ the merch table before The Sea and Cake hit the main stage @ the Black Cat.

Guess I'm truly a fangrrl. No surprise there. Told him I've seen him all over the country going back to 1996. (Let's see, there was the Tramps show in NYC w/the rockin finale of a Sea Turtle jam, the strange night @ silk city in philly, Helene's 30th at 9:30 w/a fantastic opening by Broadcast, another 9:30 June night, and did they play Austin while I was there?) He was very polite, digging through a box of t's to find the right size for me, hardly batted an eyelash at my surge of extroverted geekdom.

The band, as always, put on a great show. I'd say this was one of their best, but maybe my opinion is partially affected by the fact that they played a smaller venue than previously, and, of course, I was pretty much front and center (a little to the right, no quite stereo sound). These guys are just great musicians, and obviously have great music-making rapport with one another. While I still adore Sam's crooning, I have to say my favorite part of a Sea and Cake live show is watching John McIntyre pound on his kit. Makes me feel less bad about being too young to have ever witnessed Keith Moon hit the skins. John's phenomenal -- rolling eyes, singing along and never missing a beat.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Will you take my poll?

Hey friends,
Yes more work stuff here, but I'd appreciate it if you would respond to my poll. You can even copy and paste the poll into your own blog, if you're so inclined. I want to get good results to have a persuasive argument about providing more transparency to the US Congress.

Thanks! (Oh and I realize the formatting below is screwy, but the poll works.)
Edited to add a link to an editorial on this topic from today's Lexington Herald-Leader.

What’s McConnell hiding?

  1. Should Senator McConnell tell us who is blocking a bill that would require electronic disclosure of Senate campaign finance reports?

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. I don’t know

  2. Should senators be required to electronically file the reports that detail who gave them political contributions so the public has easy access to this information?

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. I don’t know

  3. Why do you think Senator McConnell is blocking a bill to require that senators file their campaign finance reports electronically?

    1. He doesn’t want public scrutiny of where senators get their money

    2. He doesn’t think the public cares about campaign finance reform

    3. He is protecting another senator who is blocking the bill

    4. None of the above

    5. All of the above

Monday, June 04, 2007

Rolling Thunder Blues

Leafy's got a new vidi up w/groovy guitar riffing btwn him and PJ. This footage of Rolling Thunder was shot on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in downtown DC. Someone recently asked me why I dug Rolling Thunder, wasn't it just a bunch of hicks on loud motorcycles waving the confederate flag? Well, there are those, but for me, going down and waving to the paraders gives me a unique way to connect with hundreds (if not more!) of Americans -- if even for a brief second -- with a wave, a flash of the peace sign, a smile or a nod and truly share a moment together. With the war hitting new lows, it felt particularly poignant to make that connection to people I normally would never encounter, all bound by our nationality -- and I would gather from the tone I picked up, our sadness and distaste for a terrible war we've been dragged into.

Oh, and it's really loud! And fun! And there are a lot of souped-up bikes that show great creativity.
Watch the vidi:
Rolling Thunder Blues

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