Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's almost March!

Just about the only reason why I like February is cuz it brought my better half into this world. I will not be weeping at 11:59 tonight. I can't wait for this cold, dark closet of a month to come to a final close.

But, I am very excited that my most favorite month is just hours away (and not just cuz my own birthday falls on the 30th.) B and I have been happily planning our garden, ordering seeds, getting excited to eat fresh green things again. Every morning, as my metro train speeds past the community garden, I've made a point to look out the window to watch our little plot transform during the late winter thaw. And I start to imagine myself playing in the dirt again and I just can't wait.

Some seeds I've recently planted for my career development are starting to sprout! (Actually got an offer as I was typing this, but not the one I want.) Interviewing and imagining myself in new jobs has been quite an experience for me. I can see myself twisting toward a new avenue to Point B. I think my new daily ritual to help toss those old demons of self doubt is working. Dare I say I'm feeling more proud of who I am and what I can contribute to this world? (Okay, in full honesty, I still gotta work on that -- but I can say what used to develop into a full-fledged panic attack is now just much milder twinges of doubt.)

So here's to March and whatever it will introduce to my life.

Dig this eloquent reflection from Farmer John on why he farms. And if you can, add this to your queue.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Magic Fish!

This year, there’s opportunity in the air for truly reinventing your image, your personal relationships and your work life, Pisces.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Holy Cow!

Got a call today -
I made the cut for round 2 w/Oceana.
Was flying high off that news,
When lo and behold,
My inbox lights up
With a note from the Sunlight Foundation.

Ocean, Sunlight...what other elements are going to call me today? ; )
Pinch me,
Apparently, I'm a wanted grrl.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A valentine to my heart

This morning, my valentine taught me a practice to start the day by removing obstacles and strengthening the heart -- a series of yoga poses that includes the Ganesh mudra. (What were you thinking it was?)

That got me thinking about obstacles. The kind that prevent you from feeling like you're living the life you are meant to live. That you are being true and are moving through life with a strong heart. But what do you do when you feel your life is full of obstacles you put in your own path?

I am in some sort of transitional phase where I know I'm growing out of one way of being and into another that is more authentic. But I'm not exactly clear as to what that means or who I really am. (Sometimes, though, I really do try to just step back a bit and just be.) ;-)

But lately, I haven't been gracefully letting life just flow. I feel muddy and often frustrated with myself. I get anxious about wasting time on this planet if I'm not being my True Self Always. Then, hopefully, I get a grip and realize there is no direct line that traces my life's trajectory straight from Point A to Point B. Well, it is direct line, but it meanders and turns from one way to another. I just have to trust that I will get to Point B. Ultimately, I do have the faith that I will end up where I need to, even if I don't know all the particulars yet, but only if I take that journey honestly. I just need to remind myself of that whenever I feel the migraine of impatience and the self loathing demons creep up, preventing me from allowing myself to just be and open up to what life is offering.

And if it is offering grief, then so be it. I get so worked up and think there's something wrong with me, but if I look at facts plainly, then I realize, hey it makes perfect sense for me to feel sad and angry and confused. For one thing, it's been a year since my brother, Luis, died. And while I expected he would die young, you never really expect death. I had never lost anyone that close to me before. Couple that with the necessary separation from my family that I have enforced, of course I would feel horrible. For days, weeks, months...(good lord, I hope not years.) Grief doesn't just go away because the season changes. I'm learning just how necessary it is to feel all the feelings --even the nasty ones-- and cry all the tears, otherwise I will get stuck on the path to Point B.

You know, I'm feeling better already.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Big Media Promotes Threats to Privacy

"Interactive advertising and marketing are helping shape the transformation of the media, here in the U.S. and everywhere else. A infrastructure is being put in place, without the public’s consent, designed to better sell to us 24/7. It’s using some of the most powerful communications technologies ever created to do so. Among the key issues society should be debating right now include the need for privacy safeguards to protect our personal information online, and what kind of limits should be put in place to check the excesses of interactive marketing (think personalized ads flooding your PC, mobile and TV screens, propelled by a data profile of you created via artificial intelligence technologies, and designed to get you to feel or think in a way positive to the brand)." Read more here.

I used to pretend to be a wonk on media policy and privacy advocacy. (Okay so maybe it wasn't so much pretending...) I'm no longer quite as knowledgable, but I like to keep up to speed on just how much Experian, Trans Union and the other big credit bureaus are jeopardizing personal privacy. (And these big industry players will divulge whatever Big Brother asks of them.) Luckily for concerned citizens like me, people such as Jeff Chester (I used to work with [for?] him) are on the media beat. Subscribe to his blog and keep informed.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Holistic Therapies for Tattoos

Pretty cool post (and nice tat picture) about using reiki and other holistic therapies to help manage pain from tattooing on Needled.

On a personal update, had a 2 1/2 hour interview session yesterday @ Oceana. Went very well, though I was definitely exhausted after pitching my abilities to 3 different people. Seems like a good org, though it's experiencing growing pains and might be a bit dysfunctional on the inside. But nothing at all like the insane asylum that currently pays my bills.

Feeling.....optimistic. And snuggly in a new grey, wool turtleneck sweater. ; )


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos

Listening to mariachis sing of Revolution and love lost
And remembering you on your birthday, Papi Cesar.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Ocean is Calling

I got a nibble on the line from Oceana today.