Friday, September 29, 2006


The Washington Post's Reliable Source reports:

"The president of Kazakhstan came to town yesterday, and a massive press scrum fought for toeholds outside the country's embassy, where a grand new statue symbolizing Kazakh independence -- a warrior holding a falcon standing on the back of a fierce winged cat -- had just been unveiled.

But, no, of course that's not why we were there. That's not why any of the 50 or so journalists were there. We were there for Borat."

Click that link and check out the video of the press conference Borat held. Funny stuff!

Also, in the New York Times:

"And yet Borat — Mr. Cohen, that is — has managed to infuriate and confound the country’s officials. Their attempts to respond, to set the record straight, have resulted only in more attention here, where Borat’s antics, shown on British and American television and on the Internet, now make the rounds like samizdat from the long-gone days when the country was part of the Soviet Union.

...But it was the Foreign Ministry’s complaint that gave some in the country’s news media a chance to report on it, and that was when most Kazakhs first learned that a faraway British comedian had turned the world’s attention to their country.

In an atmosphere of legal constraints on press freedoms, if not outright censorship, the ministry’s statement offered a way to poke fun at Mr. Nazarbayev’s near-absolute political power, at least indirectly, by showing what the fuss was all about."

Little lambs eat ivy

Had a strange dream this morning that I was escorting very young lambs through corridors of an old castle and through majestic woods, trying to help them escape from a group of hunters on horseback. In this dream, I even remember hearing my childhood voice singing the old song about mares eating oats, which I always sung with my own imagined nonsense lyrics. (Took me a long time to realize what they were actually singing on the Magic Garden.) I don't believe in dream dictionaries, but often consult them for amusement. This is what one such dictionary said about dreaming of lambs:
Seeing a lamb in your dream indicates that you will have many companions. Consider also the metaphor "as gentle as a lamb". Lambs are representative of all that is pure and innocent. Dreaming that you are holding a lamb in your arms means that you will rise to a position of wealth through hard work and ethical means.

Aw!!! Maybe I should start believing in those dream dictionaries! ; )

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

But do they have a DC office? And are they hiring?

From the New York Times "A Rare Kind of Food Bank, and Just Maybe the Hippest, Flourishes"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Mmmm first apple of the season

Just ate my first apple of the season. It was a delicious, very crunchy and slightly tart (just like I like'em) Liberty variety, grown locally and bought at the TK PK Farmers Market.

As the summer dwindled, I lamented that all those delicious nectarines and tomatoes I enjoyed the past few months would have to give way to endless days of apples and squash. That was so silly of me. Apples and squash are delicious! And Autumn is such a beautiful time of year -- so what if it brings less sunshine and cooler temps? That only means I have to look and learn to tune into what the season offers. It does feel appropriate to celebrate it as the beginning of a New Year, even if I don't do so out of religious obligations. All that go-go-go outward extending Summer energy gets quieter and more contemplative.... Oh, and there's also Halloween to look forward to! ; )

Friday, September 15, 2006

each and every one of us will walk in circles

September 2006

April 1919

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Summer's almost gone

I had to give a non-answer answer today. It wasn't a huge deal, but I hung up the phone wondering what path I'm headed toward when I can detach from my true way of being and be just another drone performing Master's tasks. Okay, so that's been on my mind a lot lately, and not just because of the Fools on the Hill. I wish I could have given this kind of answer, instead:
"...These days embarrassment is a word that seems virtually unknown on Capitol Hill, even when it applies to causes undertaken for wealthy contributors."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Heart Tom Toles