Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seahorse Staircase @ 611 Florida

Edited to add: although Keenan Lawler is listed on the flyer, he was not able to make the tour this time. Bummer! We'll miss you, Keenan.

Listen to an archive of a live broadcast by Mike Tamburo and Nick Schillace on WFMU. (Scroll down to listing for May 15, 2006. Their performances begin mid-way through the show.)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leetle update

It's been too long since my last update, but my time has been absorbed with some other things that have kept me from writing. I've had to make peace with my conscience and bribe it with future karmic goodies and pitch people I don't like and some whom I do actually admire, but I've also done some fun things like gardening (who knew I'd have such an affinity for weeding, for chrissakes?) and cooking fun spring meals. Latest unearthing: morel mushrooms. They are worth the price! A few weeks ago, on a gloriously sunny Sunday, B and I had a wonderful supper of fresh morels (aka molly moochers) and asparagus over fresh linguine, thanks to the TK PK farmers market and some patient simmering.

Other fun things I've done recently...I had a great time partying with Terrastock's temporary community of artists in lovely Providence, Rhode Island (which has the friendliest population) and witnessed much beauty, fun and creativity. Subsequently, some new musical favorites include Larkin Grimm, Fursaxa, Paik and MV with Bummer Road.*

Landing did not disappoint. Now I really want a good ol' squelchy synth. Larkin Grimm sang with wisdom and strength well beyond her years. She's a captivating beauty with a tremendous voice. Definitely check her out. Local (Providence) noisesters Lightning Bolt sure galvanized the crowd with their raucous set...other favorite sets included Windy and Carl and Bardo Pond. (Their set really worked in that old bank. Reverberation!!)

* I will admit I have a teensy crush on MV, whose set w/Bummer Road was right on. They created such a warm, beautiful vibe. The room was filled with colors of sunlight and mellow jams while they were on stage that Saturday afternoon. And chatting w/MV later on, well he was just charming and very o p e n.

Enjoyed a delicious Sunday brunch with friends at a place I highly recommend to anyone headed to Providence: Nick's on Broadway. Definitely worth the wait.

I'm also in the middle of a major project which I intend to blog about when I have more time/space and have uploaded photos.

Speaking of uploading photos, I've added a few more pix and friends to my flickr page. Check it out.